One of the points that should be taken into consideration in order to extend the life of your shoes is that you must take care of the shoes you use. Quality leather shoes can last a lifetime only if they are well cared for. Careful care is necessary if you want the shoes to retain their attractiveness forever.

''Step 1 - Preparation''
Materials we will need to care for our shoes: Paint, leather shine cream, leather cleaning solution, brush, edge brush, cloth, deodorant. Before you start cleaning your shoes, don't forget to spread a newspaper to prevent dirt! If your shoes have laces, remove the laces, clean them thoroughly with soapy water and let them dry.

''Step 2 - Scraping''
First of all, start cleaning leather shoes by removing any dirt or dust residue from your shoes with a soft shoe brush to open the pores of the leather. Then clean gently without damaging the leather. Clean your shoes by wiping them with a damp and soft cloth in slow and oval movements and wait for them to dry.

''Step 3 - Cleaning''
Complete the cleaning phase of your shoes by wiping all the leather parts of your shoes with a soft cloth, using slow and oval movements with the help of a leather cleaning solution or a leather regenerating cream, to remove old worn shoe polish. Then brush again and let your shoes rest and dry for 5 - 10 minutes.

''Step 4 - Painting''
Apply the paint to all leather parts of the shoe with a sponge or soft cloth, using slow and oval movements, penetrating all pores of the leather. If you want to prevent paint from getting on the base or edges, use tape. After the paint dries, brush your shoes and let them dry. It is ideal to use a small brush for the edges of the shoe.

''Step 5 - Polishing''
Go over all the leather parts of your shoes with the help of polish and a soft cotton cloth, using slow and oval movements with your fingers to penetrate all the pores of the leather. It is ideal to use a small brush for the edges of the shoe. Once the polishing phase is complete, then brush the shoes again and let them dry.

''Step 6 - Polishing''
Brush your shoes to shine. and to remove excess polish, use a polishing sponge to go over it with slow and oval movements without pressing. and put your laces back on. Spray the inside of your shoes with deodorizing spray and place them in a wooden shoe mold to rest for a day and allow the deformed structure to straighten again.

A shoe is not just a design, it is also a part of your body language, the way you walk. The way you move is determined by your.

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