Suits are very important for men who cannot give up modern and classic style. Seasons, age, environment and work conditions may change, but the suit is an indispensable part of the modern man. Men who frequently choose suits should also be familiar with various suit models and concepts related to size charts. The concept of drop is one of the concepts that need to be known about suits and jackets.

What is Drop Cutting?

Drop cut is a concept that refers to the pattern of a suit or jacket. Drop information especially shows the suitability of jackets for different body types. Although many brands use standard patterns in suits and jackets today, there are also special brands that use drop patterns. Applying a drop system by only making changes to the jacket sleeve and hem length is not a correct application. Drop cutting is a much more detailed system.

When choosing a suit, it is necessary to pay special attention to the drop system. Otherwise, the suit may not fit well on the body and may create an unstylish appearance. The biggest and most important step to take in terms of elegance in suit combinations is to make the suit look as if it has been tailored to suit you. As a result, everyone's body structure is unique and not every man can be expected to wear the same suit produced according to a standard pattern. This difference cannot be eliminated by simply changing the skirt and sleeve length of the jacket. The important thing is that every detail, from the body width of the jacket to the length of the trouser legs, is adjusted in accordance with the drop system.

Drop Numbers in Suits

Drop numbers in suits; It is a system adjusted to establish the overall balance between chest, waist and height. Drop numbers applied for jackets:

Drop 4: Short – for men of normal height and wider than normal

Drop 6: For standard sized men of normal height and weight

Drop 7 – 8: For tall and slim men

When we look at the general structure of men in our country, we can say that drop 6 cut suits are most frequently used. Nowadays, drop 4 or drop 8 jackets can be produced by simply changing the sleeve and hem lengths of drop 6 cut jackets, but the drop system is much more than that. For example, in the drop 4 cut, compared to the standard drop 6, the abdominal area should be 4 cm wider and at the same time, the sleeve length should be 2 cm, the skirt length should be 2.5 cm and the length of the trouser leg should be 5 cm shorter. In the drop 8 cut, the jacket sleeve and hem length should be 3 cm longer and the trouser leg length should be 5 cm longer than the standard drop 6 cut.

Drop Number Calculation

Drop numbers are calculated with a specific drop formula. [ Drop formula = (Chest circumference – Waist circumference/2 ] For example, let's calculate the drop size of a person with a chest circumference of 100 cm and a waist circumference of 88 cm: 100 – 88 = 12 and 12 / 2 = 6. From this calculation, the drop for this person is 6. We can say that a suit in this cut will be the most ideal option.

If you want to have a perfect and flawless look when choosing a suit, you should choose brands that apply the drop system. Nazef carefully produces high-quality suits for you using the drop system and makes you look stylish in the suit.