Wearing a suit correctly is a sign of prestige for men. Suits are one of the most important clothes that men prefer in the office, wedding, invitation, dinner and many other environments. Suits are frequently preferred by men, consisting of trousers made of the same fabric, a jacket and a shirt worn with them. Almost every man should have several types and colors of different suits in his closet. The fabric, color, dimensions, accessories of the suit are among the features that should be considered and chosen correctly.

How should the suit fabric be?

In general, suits to be worn in summer should be preferred from fabrics such as linen and cotton that do not sweat, and suits to be worn in winter months should be preferred from thick but breathable fabrics, that is, woolen fabrics. Since wool is a type of fabric with a very high breathing capacity, it can be worn comfortably both in the heat of the day and in the coolness of the night. Since woolen fabrics do not tend to wrinkle much, your woolen suits can be easily ironed. Woolen fabrics are also divided into sub-wool categories such as worsted, flannel, tweed, gabardine, cashmere. These are determined according to the weaving frequency of the woolen yarn. You can choose one of the wool suits with various weaving density depending on the environment, concept and season you will wear. For example, cashmere suits are classified as the most luxurious suits due to the high quality wool they contain compared to normal wool suits. The cotton fabric type, on the other hand, is the second most popular suit type among men, due to its highly breathable form and soft texture. It is quite satisfactory in terms of comfort. Cotton suits are one of the most ideal pieces to be worn during seasonal transitions. One of the first choices in the very hot summer months should be suits made of linen fabrics. Linen fabrics are indispensable in summer months, as they provide maximum air permeability and have an ultra-light structure. In Nazef, suits with a wide range of fabrics, each more beautiful than the other, produced with fabric types suitable for all seasons await you for a quality elegance.

Color Selection When Buying Suits

The most preferred suit colors are black, navy blue and gray tones. In addition, although less preferred, suits are used in colors such as white, cream, burgundy, dark green. The black suit is one of the only clothes that every man should have in his closet. Black suits can be completely plain black, or they can be produced with self-patterns or very fine lines. Black suits have a very stylish stance. One of the most preferred suits after black is navy blue suits. Again, due to its dark color, navy blue suits also display a heavy and elegant stance. Navy blue suits are one of the best outfits that can be preferred in the office, at invitations, at dinners and even on first dates. It will definitely be one of the best choices when combined with the right pieces for a sophisticated look. Gray suits, on the other hand, can be dark gray or light gray in general. Moreover, gray suits are among the suits that have the most variety. There are gray suit models in different tones, patterns and lines. It is possible to create a sporty or elegant style with these gray suit models with various features.

Choosing the Right Shoes for the Suit

You should choose the right shoes according to the environment in which the suit is worn or the style and color of the suit. The only color that can be worn under black suits is black shoes. The important thing here is that if the suit you are wearing is a bright vivid black, you should choose shiny leather or patent leather black shoes. If you are wearing a matte black suit, you should use matte leather black shoes. There are two options for shoes that can be preferred under a navy blue suit. If you want to keep the elegance in the foreground, you should choose a black shoe, if you want to emphasize the daily style, you should choose a brown shoe. If you want to get a sporty look, you can also choose white sneakers under navy blue suits. Wearing sneakers under a suit is a very popular style today. It is possible to create a Mediterranean and Aegean inspired style by wearing cream-colored loafers that do not go white, under navy blue linen suits in summer. If you want to catch a stylish line in gray suits, which are an effortless and timeless choice, you should choose black shoes. If you prefer a sporty style instead, white sneakers will be an excellent choice under gray suits. Burgundy is a very assertive color for a suit. Burgundy suits are often preferred by stylish men who like to be noticed. In addition to being an assertive and courageous color, it also gives rise to a very dignified image. Since burgundy is an assertive color, extra attention should be paid to the shoes to be chosen under this color suit. It is necessary to choose a risk-free shoe under the burgundy suit. At this point, the ideal choice would be black. You can look perfect with a flat black shoe that you choose under a burgundy suit.